Botho University was established in 1997 and has rapidly evolved over the years to become a leading multidisciplinary high quality tertiary education provider. Botho University was one of the first local tertiary institutions in Botswana to be accredited by the Human Resources Development Council (HRDC). Botho University is now expanding into the SADC region and getting more accreditation and international recognition in the countries operating in; Eswatini Higher Education Council (ESHEC), Lesotho Council of Higher Education (CHE) and Namibia Council of Higher Education (NCHE).

Botho University is now in Eswatini, and in full operation as per the ESHEC authority in accordance with section 19 of The Higher Education Act of 2013, with effect from July 2019. BU’s goal in Eswatini is to offer academic programmes of high intellectual and entrepreneurial nature in fields that meet the needs of the Eswatini economy, in order to develop a nation that is already proud of its culture. Focusing on teaching and learning, research, community engagement and internalization, Botho University Eswatini will constantly address the unique needs, competencies and characteristics of the Eswatini environment, with the ultimate goal of cementing our position as the preferred higher education institution within the Eswatini Higher Education sector. This will be achieved through the offering of academic programmes from the Faculties of Computing, Health & Education and Business & Accounting. This approach will unearth the envisioned focus areas of business, accounting, computing, health and education. It is important that the identified focus areas need to be addressed in an all-inclusive manner to achieve the vision and strategic objectives of the University. Botho University Eswatini is determined and passionate about contributing to the economic development of Eswatini, and to achieve this, the university will form solid and respectful partnerships that focus on the complex needs of Eswatini. The establishment, alignment and conformity to the Eswatini Higher Education landscape was informed by various national and regional policies, plans and protocols including the Eswatini Higher Education Act; SADC Protocol on Education and Training, National Education and Sector Policy 2018 and the National Development Strategy (NDS).

Studying in Eswatini Botho University Eswatini is a relatively new university in the Kingdom of Eswatini, established in 2019, with the goal of offering academic programmes of high intellectual and entrepreneurial nature in fields that meet the needs of the Eswatini economy, in order to develop a nation that is already proud of its culture. The campus is located in the city of Manzini, the second largest urban centre behind Mbabane with a population of 78, 000.The local currency is the eswatini Lilangeni. It is known as “The Hub” of Eswatini and lies on the MR3 road. Eswatini’s primary industrial site at Matsapha lies near the town’s western border. The population is primarily ethnic Swazis. The language is Swazi (siSwati in native form). The country is known for its best cultural event the Umhlanga Reed Dance, one of the biggest and most spectacular cultural events in Africa.

The economy of Eswatini is diversified with agriculture, mining, manufacturing and forestry which contributes to 13 percent of GDP. Botho University also has several partnerships with well-known regional and international institutions such as University of Venda-RSA, KTH Royal Institute of Technology-Sweden, Black Hills State University-USA, University of Louisville-USA, Indian School of Mines-India, Manipal University in India and recently World Tourism Forum Lucerne-Switzerland. Baswati Students studying with Botho University have an immense opportunity to take advantage of these international partnerships through various collaborative efforts that may include student exchange programmes and internships, thus giving them incredible international exposure. Botho University firmly believes in providing its students with a superior learning environment.

The University continually invests in excellent infrastructure and the latest technology driven learning resources. Enormous plans are in the pipeline to implement environmentally friendly projects in the university’s existing and future infrastructure. Academic rigor combined with excellence in all extracurricular activities, ensures that Botho University graduates possess a potent combination of skills. Botho University is driven by the core values of integrity, excellence, and inclusiveness and aims to produce well-rounded, entrepreneurial, and globally-employable graduates with the attitude, knowledge, skills, and competencies to create value and drive productivity increases needed to catalyse sustainable economic growth. The focus on quality has resulted in Botho University becoming the only university in Botswana with a BOS ISO 9001:2015 certification. With an impeccable reputation for quality in the market, Botho University graduates are leading the way in transforming the economy.